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Orlestone Farm

   Tortoise Sanctuary & Spa:
  • Boarding
  • Health care
  • Hibernation Service
   Small Holding:
  • Dairy goats
  • Honey
  • Small-holders worming advice service
In the heart of the ancient Kentish woodland

Welcome to Orlestone!

I'm a vet, now retired from my busy practice specialising in reptiles

 to enjoy a simpler life in the countryside.

The farm is focused on my two loves - Goats & Tortoises!  

Orlestone is a secret haven - the perfect place for your tortoise to stay whilst you go on holiday.        Emily

Orlestone Farm   |   Nickley Wood, Ashford, Kent   |   orlestone.farm@outlook.com

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Orlestone Farm

Orlestone Farm

Nickly Wood



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