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Reserve Your Tortoise's Visit

Holidays / Hibernation / Health Checks 

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Fully Booked Dates for 2023: 

if your Tort has hibernated with us before
their place is always reserved


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Price List 2023


  • A short stay is everything up to 10 days

  • A medium stay is up to 3 weeks

  • A long stay is up to 3 months

  • A super stay is up to 6 months

  • Longer stays are very welcome, just let us know your requirements. 

  • Summer is April to September, Winter is October to March 


  • SHORT: £60 summer /  £75 winter 

  • MEDIUM: £100 summer / £120 winter

  • LONG: £185 summer / £260 winter

  • SUPER: £260 summer / £345 winter

Health Care on Holiday

  • Health check, beak care, nail clip, poo test & worming whilst on holiday £21.50​

  • Microchipping whilst here on holiday £18.50

Hospital Stays

  • Hand feeding and tube feeding with Emeraid Feed is included, Dr Emily will administer all medications and treatments prescribed by your primary vet 

  • Longer stays are very welcome, just let us know your requirements. 

    • SHORT: £85 everything up to 10 days

    • MEDIUM: £1405up to 3 weeks

    • LONG: £240 up to 3 months

    • SUPER: £360 up to 6 months

  • Extra medications as needed, eg course of antibiotics £24.50

Hibernation - £185 November to April (plus £15 for electric winter 23-24), extra Tort same enclosure £25, extra Tort own enclosure 50%

Fully booked at the moment, if your Tortoise hibernated with us last year their spot is reserved annually

Orlestone Tortoise Sanctuary

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