Dr Emily runs educational seminars for owners & vets, both here in Ashford, Kent and at Tortoise BnB in Flamstead, Hertfordshire.

  • Practical hands-on learning

  • Meet other Tortoise fans for a fun day out with great food :)

  • Bring your Torts for their health checks

  • Covid safe - all teaching outdoors, sat 2m apart

  • Covid assured - pay online only after a seminar, no fees if Tier changes or a positive test prevents you attending

All proceeds go to rescuing other tortoises


Full day workshop 10am-4pm

£85 per pod - you are welcome alone, with children* or other members of your family bubble, and don't forget your Tortoise! 

  • Know your Tort: how to identify species & sex, understand how that changes your care

  • How to create the ideal environment: understand their needs & create an environment to match

  • How to feed them: buy, grow & forage the best feeds & supplements

  • Identify problems: how to monitor their health and manage problems

  • Health care: beaks & nails, worming

  • Hibernation: why, and how - the fridge technique

  • Picnic: Includes elevensies, lunch & afternoon snacks - vegetarian homemade meals & snacks from the smallholding, all dietary needs can be cared for

  • All done outdoors: each group will have a 'picnic pod' of gazebo, blankets, chairs, food hamper & tortoise run,  we are totally weather dependent - to be covid safe we can't go indoors, we'll make a decision on the weather 4 days before.

* suitable for secondary school age children

All proceeds go to rescuing other tortoises - each Pod group will allow another tortoise to be saved & lead a happier healthier life - thankyou :) 

Orlestone Tortoise Sanctuary