Successful hibernation is an essential part of Tortoise life

It re-boots their immune system & sets their hormone cycle

Dr Emily is here to help throughout the process.

Thriving not just Surviving


1 month prior to hibernation, book in for a daytrip:

   * Health check & worming £26.50, extra Torts £6.00

weight, health exam, faeces microscopy, worming

    or,  Full health screen £65 

weight, health exam, faeces microscopy, worming, haematology blood test (checks for anaemia & infection), ultrasound (checks for eggs & internal disease)

We'll need your Tort for atleast 5 hours,

no charge if overnight stay needed


Take the worry out of hibernation:

* Hibernation Service £185.00, extra Torts £25.00

From Autumn till Spring, we'll do your Tort's health check, worming, 3-week wind down, 6-12 week fridge hibernation & wake-up


* Over-Wintering Service £265 

If your vet advises your garden Tortoise should not hibernate this year, we can over-winter them under heat & UVB, providing any health care required

Dates are totally flexible, we do not return garden Torts until good weather


Your tortoise should eat within 5 days of waking from hibernation:

*Post-Hibernation Recovery Service £35.00, extra Torts £25.00

5-7 day stay with supportive feeding, heat & UVB, repto-boost bathing, electrolytes & fluids as required


* Stomatitis (Mouth Rot) recovery service: £65 

14-21 day (until recovered) stay with supportive feeding and full stomatitis treatment



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