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worm egg count
poo testing service £12.50

Post us poo sample from your tortoise for a microscopic worm egg & flagellate analysis.


Our vet Dr Emily will email you with the results within 5 days and help you decide if & how to worm your Tort.

Poo Picking

Pick a fresh poo, ideally at least half a teaspoon sized - but Emily can work with really tiny poos!

Don't worry about bits of soil or grass

Pop the poo in a zip-lock freezer bag

Wrap this bag in kitchen roll & double bag with another zip-lock bag - this keeps our Postman happy :)


Pop your ziplock bag in an envelope & write your postcode on the back of the envelope (we use this to ID your sample). 

Post to: Dr Emily, Tomtebo, Nickley Wood, TN26 1LZ

If you can flatten your pack to under 2.5cm it will be a large letter stamp.

Submission Form

Please complete the submission form below.

We'll send a PayPal invoice a week or so after processing your sample, you can use a card, PayPal or BACs. 

Worm Egg Count Poo Test £12.50, £2.00 add-on samples
How old is your tortoise?

Thanks! Results will be within 7 days, check your 'junk' inbox if its our first time emailing you

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Submission Form

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