Green Pesto is a combination of toasted cashew and walnuts blended with parmesan cheese, garlic and basil. We take this and make a pasta sauce. To sneak in those extra vitamins we also blend in some peas for sweetness and lots of in season herbs.  As a general guide: each 250ml bottle should make 4 pasta portions. Ingredients:Cashew nuts, walnuts, butter, parmesan cheese (made from cows milk), garlic, basil and herbs, peas, oil, mustard, herbs, seasoning, cornflour and aoy lechithin.  Allergen Advice: all our pestos contain nuts; mustard, green-pesto contains milk products. All our produce is made in our kitchen with also contains nuts, mustards, celery, gluten products and sesameI would recommend discussing your allergy with us before ordering pestos - we can create something safe for you once we understand your allergens.

Green Pesto Pasta Sauce


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