We take the original salad dressing of oil, mustard and vinegar and add some extra treats to make it a little bit more yummy and special.

Honey and Mustard: You can't get a more local dressing than this! Created from our home-grown mustard seeds and the honey from our lovely bees. 

Caesar: creamy mayo with garlic and anchovies, perfect for crispy lettuce

Romesco: the classic combination of roasted red peppers with toasted walnuts


Keep in the fridge, use within 28 days of opening

Each bottle should dress 4 main meal salads or 8-10 side salads



Honey and Mustard Dressing: Honey, Egg mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, garlic, mustard, seasoning, soy lecithin

Caesar: Egg mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, garlic, anchovies, mustard, seasoning, soy lecithin

Romesco: red peppers, tomato puree, oil, vinegar, garlic, mustard, walnuts, seasoning, soy lecithin


Salad Dressings 200ml bottle


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