Healthy tasty leaves perfect for a stir-fry

We add anything else that looks good - in julienne strips ready to throw in your wok. We like carrots, mooli, radish and spring onions in our stir-frys, mangetout peas & beans go in too if they're in season.


Picked & bagged on the farm today.

Rinse before use, store cool, use within 7 days


Small Bag: 50g,  a main meal portion for one. 

Medium bag 100g:  a main meal portion for two

Large bag: 150g: main meal portion for three-four


Origin: Kent, UK   Ingredients: Fresh mixed leaves with some root crops, peas and beans

Grade: II (leaves may not be perfectly symmetrical)

Allergens: May contain some leaves from the mustard & celery family

Stir-fry Veg Mix


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