Picalilli is an ancient English recipe, preserving fruits & veg for the winter months.


There are regional variations but our Kentish version is a bright yellow punch of cauli, pears, onions and sutanas, lightly spiced with tumeric, curry and home grown mustard seeds. You'll find some of the season's best veg popped in too - from radishes to kohl rabi. 


Its always good with cheese and meat, serve cold and keep in the fridge.



Cauliflower, onions, sutanas, apples, pears, root veg, tumeric, mustard, curry powder, salt, pepper





  • All our products will come with an allergen advice label which will include all ingredients used in the item. 

    The product will be made in our mixed use kitchen which stores and regularly uses nuts, sesame and mustard. If you have a serious allergy please let us know and we can discuss if we can find a way to make some of our products for you in an extra-safe environment. 

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