Our next batch of SauerRuben will be ready to come out of the fermentation vat in October, that should keep us all in stock of this super healthy treat throughout the winter.


Super healthy, super tasty. 

Add to any meal, sandwich or even a fry-up for a shot of flavour and vitamins.

Happy meal, happy guts - win-win!


We make three interpretations of the classic ferments, tinkering a little with the traditional recipes to make something even tastier and a better companion to more British suppers:

  • Sauer-Kraut: we lightly ferment cabbages, kales and carrots, with a hint of dill & cumin
  • Sauer-Ruben: a ferment of our best roots such as beets, radishes, swede and mooli 
  • Kim-Chi: a long (stinky) fermentation of cabbages & moolis, with lots of spices and chilli


If you're not sure if you'll like fermented vegetables please try our free taster pack - try a little of each variety on a piece of toast and see if its your cup of tea or not.


Allergen Advice:

All may contain mustard seed, made in our kitchen which contains nuts, sesame & celery

SauerRuben: Fermented Roots

  • All our products will come with an allergen advice label which will include all ingredients used in the item. 

    The product will be made in our mixed use kitchen which stores and regularly uses nuts, sesame and mustard. If you have a serious allergy please let us know and we can discuss if we can find a way to make some of our products for you in an extra-safe environment. 

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