Tortoise Hotel

Boarding, Health Care & Hibernation

  • Indoors overnight & in poor-weather

  • Outdoors all day

  • Enriched with basking ramps & pools

  • Varied healthy diet

  • High security

  • Refrigerated hibernation service

  • Worming advice & faeces testing

  • All under the care of vet Emily

15 minutes off M20 -en route to the continent


Rehabilitation * Education * Conservation


£6 / day Small Pod

£8 / day Standard Pod

£10 / day Super Pod

Standard Pods are perfect for single tortoises or pairs of youngsters

Large Pods are suitable for large single adults or groups of smaller torts.

Super-Pods are perfect for groups of torts, up to 4 adults.

  • 10% UVB lamps

  • Temperature controlled

  • Daily baths & outdoor pools

  • Optimum nutrition - 100% organic

  • High security


£185 four-month stay 

£25 extra Tort in same pod 

Refrigerated Hibernation Service: 

Our hibernating Torts stay for 4 months overwinter, timings to suit their owners:

  • for 2 weeks: settling in, vet-check, worm egg-count

  • next 3 weeks: wind down - activity slowly reduced

  • then 6-10 weeks: hibernation in fridge

  • final 2 weeks: wake up 


£6.50 / day

Hospital-Pod isolated for biosecurity:

12% UVB & Temperature controlled

Daily baths & quality diet

All required treatments administered:

  • Tube feeding

  • SC / IM / IV Injections

  • Intra-nasal or nebulized medications

  • Oesophagostomy Tube Maintenance

  • Wound care & dressing changes

  • Regular updates sent to your vet 

Post Hibernation Boost: book your Tort in for a 5 day post-hibernation boost - supportive feeding, reptoboost baths, and high UVB lighting £35.00

Health Checks & Worming


Ideal pre-hibernation and for beak rasping :

  • Clinical examination

  • Weight check

  • Faeces microscopy

  • Worming if required

  • Beak or nail filing if required

  • Microschip scanned

Vet Emily can do this as a day-trip - she'll need your tortoise for a whole day to give time for the faecal analysis.


Tortoise Sanctuary

Our tortoise sanctuary cares for stray & homeless Mediterranean tortoises.


We can rehome your tortoise if you can no longer cope with caring for them. Every tort has a health check, worming & microchip. To cover the costs of this, we ask for a £60 donation to take a tortoise in, and to rehome one.

Please contact us if you find a stray or would like to re-home your tortoise


Tortoises for Re-Homing

All our tortoises have homes at the moment - any for rehoming will be added as soon as they are ready.

Follow us on facebook to see any new arrivals

Orlestone Farm

Orlestone Farm

Nickly Wood



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No Phone: we spend all day on the farm with no mobile signal, we can only do email no phone calls

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