Update January 2022:
We are now full - we can't adopt any more Torts, 

we're working on creating more runs - watch this space


Meet the Sanctuary Gang



Spur Thigh, >90 years old, female

Marion is our first ever tortoise rescue. In 2001 she was desperately sick. She was egg bound and needed major surgery. It took two years of intensive care and feeding for her to regain full strength. But now she is full of beans! She is fantastically tame and is one of our Education Torts - showing everyone from kids to vets how to care for tortoises.



Spur Thigh 16 years old, female

Tilly is an energetic tortoise, full of life! She has a voracious appetite and developed Pyramiding syndrome in her early years. Her shell over-grew as she consumed too much mineral. We've been slowly correcting this over the last 8 years.



Spur Thigh 60-80 years old, female

Apart from her habit of over-sleeping from hibernation, Betty is a smashing tortoise. She is with us until her owner can find a home with a garden again, its been a few years but she is a very welcome addition for as long as is needed.



Spur Thigh 80-100 years old, male

Tommy is with us for intensive care. He is almost blind, has poor balance and poor coordination after an unfortunate episode of dehydration & starvation when his owner died. He's been here a year and gets stronger all the time with supportive feeding and physiotherapy.

marginated tortoise


Marginated 10-15 years old, male

Norma (a boy!) was found wombling along a main road in London. Only he knows what he was doing there, but without a microchip we can't find his previous owner. His beak needs rasping and he has yet to hibernate a winter.



Russian Horsefield 15-20 years old, male

Vlad was also a stray, he was found in the middle of a wood so we suspect he may have been abandoned. He is a stubborn feeder, preferring to be hand fed, but we love him & indulge him!



Spur Thigh 60-80 years old, female

Lovely Oscar is with us for a break from her over zealous male companion. They had lived together for years, but he suddenly attacked her - biting off her front toes, causing deep wounds. We've cared for the wounds and rebuilt her confidence around other tortoises. She has taken blind Tommy under her wing and allows him to follow her to food and shelter.


Uncle Monty

Hermans 10 years old, male

Uncle Monty is an adorable little dude! He loves his grub and loves his (controlled & limited) time with his ladies - consistent with his name for Withnail fans out there!


Mr Jeffery - Gone to a new home!

Spur Thigh, 60-80 years old, male

Mr Jefferey Cox was found when someone moved into their new home. The previous homeowners obviously did not want to take him with them, but they are missing out on a fabulous and friendly little chap. We all love him, even if they didn't!


It doesn't take much to make a huge   difference to the lives of these fabulous endangered species.

Everyone who boards or hibernates their Torts with us is contributing towards the care of the sanctuary gang - so huge thank you to you all!

  • £5 enables us to supportive feed sick tortoises

  • £10 enables us to give injured tortoises pain relief & antibiotics

  • £20 enables us to care for a sanctuary tortoise for 6 months.




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