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Dr Emily is here to help your tortoise recover from illness or injury.

Our tortoise 'hospital' ward is perfect for the long slow recovery process - most stays are 3 weeks, some take 6 months

  • Indoor & outdoor enclosures

  • Supportive feeding

  • Oesophagostomy tube placement & feeding

  • Blood tests & ultrasound 

  • Microchipping & beak care

Thriving not just Surviving

DIAGNOSTICS - discovering what's wrong

If your tortoise is off its food, lethargic, passing diarrhoea or aggitated, we would recommend blood tests & diagnostic imaging (X-ray or ultrasound). Your usual vet can run these tests before coming to the hospital or we can run them here:​

  • Haematology bloods: £28a red and white cell analysis detects anaemia, infections & inflammation 

  • Biochemistry Bloods: £85 this checks the function of the liver, kidneys and checks Calcium / Phosphorus balance 

  • Ultrasound: £45 examines the internal organs including heart, lungs, liver & reproduction tracts

  • Faeces analysis: £8.50 poo microscopy for worms and parasites 

  • Full health screen: £125 all of the above


We'll need your Tort for 3 days,

no charge for the stay whilst awaiting results


HOSPITALISATION - the recovery process

Discovering the diagnosis is often the easy bit, the slow recovery process can require too much intensive care at home and take too long for a 'normal' vets.

We provide hospitalisation which is recovery, not time, dependent. You can relax knowing your Tort is being cared for & will come home only when ready.

 The fee is all-inclusive & will not change :

  • Post-Hibernation:£65 supportive feeding & any mouth infections (stomatitis) treated until they are eating & happy again, average stay is 3 weeks

  • Wound recovery, eg dog bites & lawn-mowers: £180 dressing changes, pain management, antibiotics & supportive feeding, average stay is 6 weeks

  • Metabolic disease, eg MBD, liver, kidney diseases: £180 supportive feeding, appropriate medication, average stay is 12 weeks

  • Egg-Binding: £85 course of oxytocin, supportive feeding, ultrasound to confirm passed all eggs , average stay 1 week

We don't perform surgical procedures - these are done at a normal vets, eg Montgomery Veterinary Centre in Ashford (

o tube.jpg

HEALTH CARE - keeping them safe & healthy

  • Microchipping: £28, perfect for that moment you just can't see them in the garden! Legally required if you wanted to sell or breed a Tort.  The tiny chip is placed in the left hind leg, and your details held on a national database. 

  • Health Check, Beaks & Nails: £45.00, in a day-trip (or overnight stay) we will health check, weigh & measure your tort - including any beak & nail trimming required. 

    • Extra Torts: £10.00 each, bring your herd for an extra £10 per Tort for their health check & worming 


No problem to leave them with us overnight if that suits you better



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Orlestone Tortoise Sanctuary

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